MY20 LogiCam Ai Fleet Dash Cam

My20 LogiCam

Best in Class AI Video Telematics with Live Supply Chain™ Capabilities


AI technology works day or night to detect distracted driving events.


Once a distracted driving event is detected, the My20 LogiCam triggers an “event” to alert the driver.


The technology pays for itself through the failures that it can prevent.

Save on Insurance Premiums by Installing My20 LogiCam Ai

Ai Fleet Dashcam

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My20 LogiCam Ai™

My20 LogiCam Ai captures events on the road and in the vehicle with crisp HD video footage and can be accessed anytime through the My20 Fleet application. My20 LogiCam Ai works with My20 Fleet’s Edge Computing architecture to ensure the system never goes out of service and maintains a constant connection to the driver.

My20 LogiCam Ai Hardware


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